Intellectual Property Litigation

We handle all phases of Intellectual Property litigation from initiating a lawsuit through trial and appellate matters.  Our case experience involves patent, trademark, copyright, domain name, and trade secret litigation, both as counsel directly working for the client and as local counsel representing clients and their out-of-district attorneys.  We have extensive experience in the field and are excellent at using the facts of a case, combined with our knowledge of relevant laws and court decisions, to prove our case.

Some lawyers litigate by intimidation, bluff, and stalling.  Some of those attorneys believe that attorneys can win cases against small firm attorneys by these methods. At Shaver & Swanson, LLP, we take great pride in our history of defeating some of those big firm lawyers by being diligent, writing good briefs, and doggedly pursuing discovery of documents.

We have argued and won trials and appeals in a wide variety of Federal district courts, state of Idaho district courts, the Idaho Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Our attorneys have represented clients in court actions in Federal Courts in the states of Florida, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, California, Utah, Washington, and Idaho.  Litigation is expensive, but it can be worthwhile when your company’s flagship product is being ripped off or to stand up for your company’s rights in the face of illegitimate demands from a third party.