Attorneys And Staff

Robert Shaver

Patent Attorney, Partner

Robert L. Shaver, Registered Patent Attorney (senior status)| 208.345.1122 | | Our email policy

Robert L. Shaver is a co-founder of the firm, and has been practicing patent law since 1995. Before attending law school at the age of 43, Mr. Shaver worked as a scientist at the Hanford Nuclear Site, and previously worked as a horticulturist and as a food scientist. Mr. Shaver specializes in patent and trademark filings and prosecution. Mr. Shaver has a degree in Biology and has industry experience as a chemist. He attended University of Idaho for his JD degree, and has an MBA from City University.Read More...

Scott Swanson

Patent Attorney, Partner

Scott D. Swanson, Registered Patent Attorney | 208.345.1122 | | Our email policy

Scott D. Swanson is a co-founder of the firm, and has practiced patent law for over 10 years. Mr. Swanson handles litigation for the firm, as well as patent and trademark filing and prosecution. Scott is an Idaho native, born and raised in Pocatello, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Idaho. Mr. Swanson attended Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on a full tuition scholarship. Read More...


Kinsey Garn


Kinsey Garn, Paralegal|  208.345.1122 | Our email policy

Kinsey handles trademark and patent filings as well as coordinating with foreign attorneys and agents for international filings.