How long does it take to get a trademark registration?

From the time a trademark attorney files your application it typically takes between three (3) to six (6) months for the Trademark Examining Attorney at the Trademark Office to examine your trademark application. If the trademark examining attorney does not have any issue with the trademark application, the application will typically pass to the trademark publication phase. The trademark examining attorney may issue an objection or rejection to your application over the form or substance of the application. If this occurs the trademark applicant will have six (6) months to either appease the trademark examining attorney’s form objections and to try and overcome any substantive trademark rejections, such as if the trademark examining attorney believes there will be a likelihood of confusion between your trademark application and a preexisting trademark application or registration.

At the trademark publication phase, the trademark application publishes for third party opposition. If no third party trademark users object to the application, it typically takes about eleven (11) weeks from the date of publication for the trademark application to issue into a registration. Our firm’s trademark attorneys have extensive experience in obtaining Trademark registrations.